Other great ways to serve Pepper Jelly

Other great ways to serve Pepper Jelly

Category:  Other
Serves:  As many or few as you please
Prep Time:  Quick


Use on bagels with cream cheese, or spoon on top of a cream cheese block & dip with wheat thins.

Spread my Pepper Jelly Hell on wraps with sliced turkey or chicken!

Brush on ribs, glaze on chicken.  From the grill, spoon on top of pork or salmon. Pour on top of cooked meatballs in the Crockpot.

This may sound kind of weird, but I love with peanut butter on a cracker for a snack. Think satay (spicy and peanuty)or on a larger scale make a great PBJ-hell.

Put a spoonful in the blender when making margarita's, you got to try to believe.

Use in your next Monte Cristo sandwich

Melted it makes a great dip for egg rolls or coconut shrimp

The possibilities are endless!

Suzanne's Tips

Please write to me with your favorite uses!